Fast Proof of computation

The interface to build secure, reliable, and scalable decentralized applications


We continuously challenge the status quo to redefine possibilities


Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we strive to reshape digital interactions


Our commitment to security ensures the utmost integrity and trustworthiness in our solutions

Browse our set of products and services

Account System SDK

An advanced account system that enables free and frictionless value transfers between platforms, organizations, and individuals

Lita Pro APP

A development, proving and deployment platform that empowers developers to build scalable, secure applications on any networks

Proving Service API

A service API executing, managing and optimizing proof generation tasks

Aggregation Layer API

A permissionless proof aggregation layer for reduced settlement cost on L1

App-specific Rollup SDK

A development toolkit designed to streamline the creation of scalable, custom blockchain applications

Custom Support

Align our technology with client’s specific operational needs and infrastructure

The values that drive everything we do

1. Invention

We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology and creating new solutions that address the opaque risks associated with the storage, transfer, and exchange of value in traditional systems.

2. Open source

We believe in the power of collective intelligence and openness. By open-sourcing our technology, we champion transparency, encourage diversity of thought, and accelerate collective advancements.

3. Social value

Our aspiration goes beyond innovation; we aim to lay the foundations for a more equitable, decentralized digital era, stimulating growth and empowering individuals and organizations.

4. Product driven

Our focus is on building user-centric, frictionless products. We believe that great products are the best way to drive adoption and create real-world impact.

5. Universality

We strive to create a suite of universally accessible and inclusive products, capable of serving diverse needs across the financial spectrum.

6. Practicality

We are not just dreamers; we are doers. We focus on building practical, scalable solutions and infrastructure that can handle large-scale use cases.