Early Access Partnership Program

Published on:
Jun 25, 2024
Written by:
Ventali Tan
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2 min

Ventali Tan

Products & Operations

Greetings to all innovators and visionaries in the decentralized world!


At the heart of breakthrough technology lies not just the brilliance of its creators but also the collective wisdom of its users. In line with this belief, we are thrilled to announce the prospect of an Early Access Partnership Program.

As we hone the Valida compiler and its ecosystem, our mission goes beyond mere development; we're creating a collaborative forge where ideas can meld and transform. Before we unveil Valida's compiler, toolchain, and suite of utilities to the open-source community, we're inviting a cadre of pioneering spirits to join us in a journey of discovery and refinement.

Why might you, as a developer, researcher, or enthusiast, be interested? This is a unique opportunity to not only get a first look at our cutting-edge tools but to also play a pivotal role in their final polish. Your input could steer the course of Valida, ensuring that the tools we craft fit the puzzle of your needs perfectly.

We're not just looking for users; we're seeking architects of the future—partners who are eager to test the limits of our tools and provide the candid, constructive feedback that is the lifeblood of innovation.

You are a perfect candidate for our early access program if you are interested in:

- Testing and providing feedback on Valida and the Valida compiler.
- Exploring the toolchain and associated utilities.
- Contributing to security improvements.
- Integrating Valida into existing projects.
- Developing new projects from scratch.
- Other academic research purposes.

We are especially keen to hear from you if you would like to give feedback on:

- Performance optimization.
- Language support and LLVM compatibility.
- Ease of use and documentation.
- Security features.
- Smart contract development and deployment.
- Interoperability with other systems.

Security Contributors

For early security contributors, we're opening up a special avenue for you to provide your invaluable feedback on security aspects. The following GitHub repositories are in scope for security feedback:

1. [LLVM-Valida - Develop Branch](https://github.com/lita-xyz/llvm-valida) (focus on the subdirectory `llvm/lib/Target/Delendum`)

2. [Valida - Specific Commit](https://github.com/lita-xyz/valida/tree/eddd2b031a13278bc4855dea802fbc045f1378d8)

3. [Valida-Asm - Master Branch](https://github.com/lita-xyz/valida-asm)

Additionally, here are some key resources to aid in your review:

- [Working Spec for the Valida ISA](https://github.com/valida-xyz/valida-compiler/issues/2)

- [Design Doc for the LLVM Backend](https://github.com/lita-xyz/llvm-valida/blob/develop/DESIGN.md)

Early Access Interest Form

Should you choose to embark on this adventure with us, you will receive complimentary early access to Valida's comprehensive suite of tools. We believe that your expertise will be invaluable in sculpting a product that stands the test of demand and diversity.

Are you ready to leave your mark on the canvas of Valida? If this call to pioneer resonates with you, we invite you to express your interest. Fill out our Early Access Partnership Application and join us at the vanguard of the Valida evolution.

Together, let's build the bedrock for the next generation of decentralized applications.

Join us. Shape with us. Evolve with us.

Express Your Interest Here

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